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A Conversation Worth Having: Shirley Chisholm

A Conversation Worth Having: Shirley Chisholm

“If a conversation is hard, it’s probably one worth having.”

Join us for A Conversation Worth Having: a part of our Civil Rights & Social Change Collection.

Every Monday night at 7pm CST we screen a virtual collection of talks, speeches, poetry, music, films and documentaries designed to educate, enlighten, and encourage empathy surrounding the struggles and hardships facing the African-American community. You can join us from anywhere around the world, as this is a virtual event > https://app.kosmi.io/room/s76t3n

For Monday, January 25, we are focusing our program on Shirley Chisholm. Chisholm was the first African American woman in Congress (1968) and the first woman and African American to seek the nomination for president of the United States from one of the two major political parties (1972). Her motto and title of her autobiography, Unbossed and Unbought, illustrates her outspoken advocacy for women and minorities during her seven terms in the U.S. House of Representatives.

We hope you’ll join us for a chance to learn ALL January long!

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Monday, January 25: Shirley Chisholm