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Stress Management with Universal Class

Universal Class is ready to help overcome the challenges facing each of us in our struggles with stress. Join us as we explore the Stress Management class offered in our Universal Class service, and see what other free online classes might interest you.

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Google Photos: Preserve Your Pics

Learn to use Google Photos--a free service that allows you to organize your pictures, back them up, make basic edits, and free up space on your smartphone.

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Google Apps: Slides

Google Slides is a quick and easy way to create attractive, professional slideshows for work, class or anything else you may need a slideshow for. Best of all, it’s free–all you need is a Google account and an internet connection. In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Access Google Slides
  • Create basic slides
  • Insert slides into your presentation and use animation
  • Share your slideshows with other users
  • Access your document from anywhere through Google Drive

This is the fourth session of our Google Apps series for February.

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Open Lab

You can drop by Open Lab to ask your burning technology questions, practice using technology, or get help with specific problems from an expert.

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