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Rock It Lab sparks Flamin’ Grill

The Rock It! Lab is helping launch businesses all over town. The newest, Chicago Flamin’ Grill Express opened on April 30 to a welcoming crowd. For those not familiar, the Rock It! Lab (RIL) is a partnership between CALS and Advancing Black Entrepreneurship (ABE) that helps potential entrepreneurs who have previously been underserved, including minorities,

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Main on the Move

Main Library is now closed to the public to undergo renovations; core library services are available at the nearby Roberts Library. This page will be continuously updated with the latest news.

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February 7,

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‘Tis the Season for Giving with CALS

At CALS, we’re always looking for opportunities to give back to the communities in which we serve. And the end of the year always finds a greater need for giving. While we gather around our tables and give thanks for all that we have, it’s important to share with those who have less. For November,

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Six Bridges Book Festival 2023 a Success!

The Six Bridges Book Festival took place September 25 through October 1 and brought in about 50 authors from across the country. Monday through Wednesday, the festival began with a delicious appetizer – if you will – a series of virtual events, including Stephen Aryan, Ananta Ripa Ajmera, and Caroline Dodds Pennock among others. Then Thursday brought the beginning of the main course – all the in-person events!

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Rock Paper Run 5K Virtual Tour

Resident Writing Circle Programmer Deb Moore pulled together this historical and informational take on the 5K route from the NLR Laman Library to Main Library. You wont even have to break a sweat on this virtual 5K.

Maybe you’ve read a story like this before—a story whose characters are on an adventure from here to there: to destroy a ring,

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Your CALS Card gets you more all September long

Here at CALS, we have long said that your library card is the most valuable card in your wallet. You get access to virtually unlimited books, audiobooks, streaming music, movies and TV shows, you can borrow things like binoculars, fishing poles, tools, and telescopes, plus there’s access to endless events and programs and every bit of it comes in at the low,

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Take Action for Libraries Day

Libraries make communities better because it's the nature of the library to help, to want others to succeed and have access to information and resources. We take action when we see barriers and inequities that others refuse to acknowledge. So today, we’re asking library supporters everywhere to Take Action for Libraries.  

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