Book donations accepted at Main

As we continue to move through the phases of the coronavirus pandemic, we at CALS are continuing to evaluate our procedures and how we interact with the public. We have looked at things like, continuing our mask mandate, how we handle quarantining our books, and even how our staff reports to the office.

Last spring, we suspended the Friends of CALS book sales and placed a hold on accepting used book donations in an effort to protect our library staff and visitors. Now that things are changing and regulations are loosening as more and more people are able to get the vaccine, we will once again begin accepting book donations.  

Photo of the loading dock with door to the right side.
Loading dock with stair access on either side.

We are excited to be able to have this portion of our operations up and running again. But like many things post-pandemic, we are not going to be doing it exactly as we did previously. In order to streamline our processes, we will only be accepting book donations at the Main Library loading dock (located on the right side of the building, just past the pick-up window). If the righthand side door is not propped open, ring the buzzer or call the posted phone number. Staff will help you with your donation.  




Here are a few things to remember to help us with your donations:  

  • Books can be dropped off Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Please don’t leave donations on Sundays)
Bring your book donations to this door. Call 501-351-4194 for assistance if needed.
  • Books must be placed inside a taped box 
  • Boxes must not weigh over 50 pounds 
  • Patrons can only donate up to 10 boxes per day, per person
  • The following items CANNOT be donated 
    • VHS Tapes 
    • Magazines 
    • Cassette Tapes 
    • National Geographic 
    • Reader’s Digest Condensed Volumes 
    • Medical Journals (over 5 years old) 
    • Computer Software and Coding books (over 5 years old) 
    • Reference books