Alice Gray Memorial Fund

PURPOSE   The Alice Gray Memorial Fund shall be used to assist selected CALS employees who wish to broaden their educational experiences. Any profits from the fund’s investments may be applied toward tuition for university courses taken by selected employees.

ESTABLISHMENT OF THE ALICE GRAY MEMORIAL FUND COMMITTEE   The Director is authorized to appoint a committee of three members to be known as the Alice Gray Memorial Fund Committee. The committee shall consist of three CALS staff members. Initial members shall serve one, two, or three-year terms selected by lot. Subsequent members will be appointed for three-year terms. If any member resigns before completing his/her term, the Director shall appoint a person to complete that term. No member who serves one full term shall be eligible for reappointment. The Committee shall elect its own chair and establish appropriate requirements for accepting and evaluating grant applications.

The Alice Gray Memorial Fund Committee shall have sole authority to award tuition grants on a competitive basis. The course that the employee wishes to take must, in the opinion of the committee, broaden the individual’s educational experience and contribute value to the library. Preference shall be given to employees who are not college graduates.

Policy Information

Board Policy #107
Board Approval: 01/27/93
Revision: 01/27/06
Director’s Recommendation: 01/27/93