What Are You Reading? Amy Forbus

My name is Amy Forbus, and I serve as Communications Director for Hendrix College. After I graduated from Hendrix, my husband and I spent 14 years living in the Dallas area, then moved back to Little Rock in 2010 – we’re both Arkansas natives. When we aren’t constrained by a pandemic, I sing with a couple of different bands on a regular basis.

Chef and Doctor Make a Cooking Lesson Dream Team

“I started going to culinary school because I had too many patients.”

Dr. Meenakshi Budrahja is passionate about food.

As a gastroenterologist, she has seen firsthand the effects of poor nutrition on people’s health. Frustrated by the serious illnesses created by high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar diets full of processed food, she realized that people needed help long before their poor health landed them in her office.

6BBF Author Profile: Nichole Perkins

Cracking open a copy of Sometimes I Trip on How Happy We Could Be feels like flipping through Nichole Perkins’s personal diary. Each chapter is an essay, giving the reader brief looks into her life at different pivotal stages, starting at age 5, when Perkins has already become aware of the power and responsibility brought to her as a female.

6BBF Author Profile: Filipe Melo

When an award-winning musician and film director partners with an art director and illustrator who has experience in advertising, music videos, and feature films and they share a love of pianos, nothing but pure magic is sure to follow. Filipe Melo, from Lisbon, Portugal, has worked with Juan Cavia, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, before. Their latest collaboration,

An Interview with Eric Cervini

If how corporations currently embrace Pride Month is considered any indication of how homosexual culture is accepted, you might think that being LGBTQ is a [rainbow-covered] walk in the park. This generation has been raised watching Pride parades and having openly gay relatives. But this path was not always literal rainbows and sunshine. Eric Cervini takes a deep dive into the history of homosexuality in America and the war that has been waged against those who seek their own truth.